A former super-shy, Irene Salvadorini loves short stories, seasonal changes, New York and Giorgio Caproni’s poems. After graduating in fashion and costume, she subsequently obtained a Master’s degree in creative writing from the LUISS University in Rome and worked with some of the current scene’s most affirmed intellectuals, screenwriters and directors. She began her journey in the fashion industry at the Valentino’s press office, and then worked as a copywriter and storyteller for some of the most renowned luxury brands. The by-line behind many fashion articles on the web, she never forgot her amazement at seeing a dress evolve in her grandmother’s skilful hands.

Therefore, in January 2012, overwhelmed by the desire to give life to her recurring visions of style, she brought together a team of professionals and, in little more than a month, based Lmtd: a contemporary total look, made of minimalist lines and naive details.

Classic but edgy.

Lmtd Irene SalvadoriniFor general inquiries and private appts please contact info@lmtd.it.

Lmtd Irene Salvadorini

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